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The code on my movie card doesn’t seem to work. What should I do?

You can only redeem your movie 30 minutes after you have purchased your movie card. You can check when that was by looking at the time on your receipt. If it has been over 30 minutes and your code still does not work, try the steps below.

Take your time and remember the code is case sensitive (you need to use capitals and lower case letters where necessary). Also make sure you don’t confuse any letters or numbers, for example the number ‘1’ with the letter 'i’. We've all done this!

None of our movie codes contain the following letters and numbers, ensure you are not typing these in:

  • 0 - (Number)
  • O ( Capital o letter)
  • Q ( Capital q letter)
  • I ( Capital i letter)
  • l (Lower case L letter)
  • 1 (Number)

If you have tried all the above and are still having issues, email us at

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